Ciarra Bays
Associate, Relationship Manager

Ciarra Bays is a Relationship Manager at TritonPoint Wealth, where she collaborates closely with advisors to foster client relationships, develop financial plans, and provide portfolio management for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, families, and organizations. With a comprehensive approach, she ensures a seamless client experience from inception to execution, managing operational aspects with precision and care.

With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, Ciarra’s journey began in traditional banking at United Bank and PNC, where she prioritized client-centric practices. Evolving through roles in compliance and anti-money laundering at PenFed Credit Union, she transitioned to wealth management at Goldman Sachs in 2021. This diverse background equips her with a nuanced understanding of client needs and regulatory standards, driving excellence in her current role with TritonPoint Wealth.

A native of West Virginia, Ciarra’s roots imbue her with a strong sense of community and connection. Since relocating to the DC area nearly eight years ago, she has embraced personal and professional growth opportunities. Alongside her fiancé, a fellow West Virginian, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and traveling. Her devotion to family, friends, and sports—particularly the West Virginia Mountaineers and Pittsburgh Steelers—reflects her vibrant passions beyond the realm of finance.